Resin Bound Patio Installation, Bespoke Design, in Coppull

At All Seasons Paving, we are delighted to unveil one of our recent projects – a bespoke resin bound patio located in Coppull, Lancashire. This specific project amplifies our expertise in crafting and installing customised resin bound patios.

For the majority of the patio, we employed the use of Polybound Siberia resin, a material selected for its robustness and polished look. This laid the groundwork for the main attraction of the project – a captivating motif crafted using Quantum and Icelandic Grey resins. The harmonious blend of these shades resulted in a unique and pleasing pattern.

The personalised design was given to us by our client and brought to life using a precision-cut stencil. This enabled us to accurately embody the detailed design and maintain the high-quality standards All Seasons Paving is recognised for. We are immensely proud to have recreated our client’s vision and this project stands as a true reflection of our commitment to delivering excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. View the pictures below.